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How to improve your search engine optimization ranking 1

How to improve your search engine optimization ranking

On the internet, there are numerous rumors and facts about search engine optimization and how to improve it. But a lot of what you can find or read is either outdated or is simply incorrect.

93% of the people start their internet experience with looking up a specific topic in a search engine. That sounds like a lot of people but considering the fact that only the top results in Google have a 33% chance of getting clicked, already increases the chances tremendously of losing out on 33% of your overall traffic if you are not placed within the first page. Even more shocking is the fact, that already 75% of all the people will not click on the second page of their search results.

Especially when it comes to the search optimization ranking, Google and other search engines put a high emphasis on several factors, which can be done easily, but are essential. Today, we will focus on these factors and we will to explain you, why and especially how you can boost your search optimization ranking. So, let´s get right into it:

Page speed:

If you have a slow loading speed Google will instantly recognize this and it will have a negative impact on your overall SEO ranking. But it also has an effect on how much your visitors are attracted to your website. The longer the loading time the higher the impact on your overall abandonment rate. On the following statistic from, it is visualized how strong this impact is.

How to improve your search engine optimization ranking 2
How to improve your search engine optimization ranking 3

This means that If your website loading speed takes longer than 2 seconds, your chances of losing a customer already increases by 25%. But this is by far not the worst. 80% of those people eventually will not return to your page and will find a replacement. On the other hand, if your page speed is fast, people will stay and also keep visiting your website.

Quality of your page content:

One thing we want to recommend to you is, if you haven´t touched your website ever since it was established, you probably should. Because Google takes the quality of your website content into consideration when it comes to your overall SEO ranking. In order to keep customers on your webpage, you have to offer them something. The best option for this is quality content, which also should be recent and relevant. As soon as people find quality on your website they automatically will spend more time on your page, which leads to a longer dwell time.

Image optimization:

Pictures and images have a great impact on your website and blogs and can increase your SEO ranking tremendously. But only if these files are optimized in the right way which is correlated to size and format. Furthermore, you can use the opportunity to sneak in keywords with adjusting the names of the pictures. So instead of “cup001” you could save the picture as “red plastic cup small”. But not only the title of the picture but also the caption and description can be modified.

Write your own blog:

With writing your own blog you have the great opportunity to not only personally interact with your customers but also use this tool for lead generation. As already mentioned above, qualitative content on your website can create an enormous large number of daily visitors for your website. And what is a better opportunity than doing this with the help of a blog. If your articles are well written and are relevant for your client, you will increase their loyalty and they will definitely come again. Also, other factors concerning SEO such as links and keywords can be integrated and again lead to a better overall ranking. You should always keep small opportunities like this in mind because added up they can make a big difference in your SEO score.

Keep linking to other websites:

With the help of the World-Wide-Web we have access to unlimited information whenever we want and wherever we want. Everybody can state facts on his/her website but if you want to increase the credibility of your information you have to back it up with the help of authoritative sources. As you may have noticed and seen above, even we use this strategy. Also, make sure, to not only use hyperlinks but also to use websites with high page- and domain authority, which can strengthen your SEO score. MOZ offers a very good and effortless tool, which makes the process of checking the authority look easy.

Fix your broken links:

In case you already implemented our above-mentioned linking strategy you shouldn´t worry too much about broken links. But still it can happen, and these links will damage your overall ranking horrifically. Also, it simply does not look good, when your customers and visitors will be forwarded to a non-functioning link. In order to avoid this problem, use this website to detect all your errors and fix them.

How to improve your search engine optimization ranking 3


SEO is not only a way to get a lot of organic traffic, it is essential to implement it in your company strategy and most important – it is never too late to start with it.

Don´t be scared of finding mistakes, start slowly and keep improving it on a daily basis. You will shorty realize that I will have a tremendous impact on the work you do and can affect your profit generating in a very positive way. And who knows, maybe one day you can even claim the number one spot on Google for yourself.

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