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A Portuguese, an Austrian and a Bosnian walk into the bar…

Our story

The three left their home countries and met in Prague in the University of Economics. The Bosnian has worked in the digital world for a long time and came up with an idea to start Rank Sunshine. He was thriving a business that would distinguish from the others by the efficient and transparent relationships with its partners.


To do this, he needed a competent team he could trust and who is willing to give everything to provide the best service possible. He brought in his Austrian friend, an expert in communication who has travelled all around the world and dealt with different cultures, developing his social skills.


They’re not the best with numbers, so they decided to bring along the Portuguese who has tremendous experience being involved with SMB’s and worked in the finance world in his previous positions.


To be continued. Cheers!


Our vision is to work with people who deserve to be discovered.


Our mission is to help the customers reach their target audience by strategically enhancing their online presence and visibility.

Core values

Solve a problem

Go the extra mile

100% transparency
Encourage innovation

Enforce Growth

Remember to have fun

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We’re here to help.

We are here to support you with our tailor made offers adjusted to your personal needs and requirements.

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Come give us a shout.

Communication is our personal key to success which is the reason why we are here for you at any given time.

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Think different.

Creativity is what drives us so we want to translate this into your individual projects and onto yourl website.

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Plan ahead.

Being able to plan ahead is an important aspect of SEO—being left behind by your competition might prove to be fatal.

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Your optimal choice.

With years of work experience in the field of SEO, we are the right agency to work with in future endeavors.

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Believe in transparency.

Once you work with us we explain the whole process in detail and make sure you know every single step taken.

Our Team

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Ned Mehic
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Clemens Zeiler
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Francisco Pereira